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How to Boost Your Site in Google


Where to Get Cheap SEO

This is a very simple question to answer. The cheapest SEO, and probably the best, is the SEO you do yourself. Here's what it takes. It's actually easy when you have a system to follow.

The Secrets to Inexpensive SEO

To start with, and I'm probably going to tick off a number of professional SEO marketers, the cheapest SEO is one that you tackle yourself. Most companies throw big money at SEO because they don't understand what it takes, and think it takes a clever and creative marketer who knows all the tricks and also has a bunch of sites he or she can link you on.

That is outdated SEO thinking

We've already discussed "White Hat" SEO vs "Black Hat" SEO elsewhere on As a reminder, the only links you want pointing to your website are high quality links in the eyes of Google, and these are links that appear on Google Trusted sites (that's a figure of speech, not an actual badge or label).

Trusted sites like:

... and dozens of other mainstream and professional directories on the web.

Why Google Tends to Trust These Sites

Google tends to trust these listings as in general real and genuine businesses are perceived to be listed in directories like these.

Can You Afford to Buy Listings in All of These Directories? There Are Dozens!

Nowadays, it can cost a lot of money to run ads in certain directories, or be featured at the top of a page of listings, etc. Some directories may offer a free listing, but then tell you there's no guarantee you're going to show up.

Often you may have to hunt on Google for a lesser visited page on these major sites where it's possible to submit your site for a free listing.

What's the Catch?

Well, it can take several days possibly weeks to have the time to track down all of these major directories, read their help files, navigate around their sales pitches, just to find where you need to go to request free listings.

Bonus ... I Can List You in Approximately 70 Major Directories With One Click

Within, I set my members up with an inexpensive way to get automatic listings on the major directories. I give you access to your very own admin panel! is a Licensed Reseller of Yext

As a professional in my industry, I am a licensed reseller for a company called Yext, which is a major company nowadays that sells packages publicly to companies for $125 per month, offering to list your site in approximately 70 of these directories (at the time of this writing).

Is It Worth It? Yes!

First of all, Yext provides business owners with an admin panel where all you do is login, enter your website name, phone number, address, and everything else that goes with a typical business listing, and then you basically click "submit" and just like that you have submitted your website to approximately 70 or more websites -- these are the big websites like,,, etc.

Everything happens fast through the panel! Your listing starts showing up on several sites within just 72 hours for Google to notice, and index, and get your site quickly showing up in organic search rankings (the odds of a fast listing in Google increase if you're doing other things right, which I cover in my program).

Here's What's Cool About It

In the admin panel, the Yext software gives you a complete run down on every website, and whether your listing is live yet or not, and then has a link for you to see your listing on each site.

In the modern day of SEO in 2017, and surely going into 2018, this is an awesome tool for companies to use to get their name out there fast and across the web.

While major Yext resellers may be pushing this at $125 (and probably more on other websites), as a reseller I have cut my price to a lot less than that for my members.

I List You in Those Major Directories For Less -- And Provide A Lot More Value!

I believe that by doing that I give my members more reasons to continue their membership with and to also take the time to share testimonials as to how fast I can help your site rise in the Google rankings with the information I share within my program.

My Goal is to Help You Rank Fast

If I achieve this goal in a short period of time, I ask you to please stop by my Facebook page and share your experience with my program, even write a testimonial if you're ok with that. I ask also for your permission to use your testimonial within my sales pages to help others rank higher in Google also.

Thank you for visiting and giving this program an opportunity to do wonders for your SEO and success on the internet.


Ken Wilson
Author / Creator

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