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White Hat SEO Links

Going for the Gold

If you've hit all the major keys I've detailed on within this program, in my personal experience I have not needed very many external links pointing to my sites. Very little sometimes. Sometimes just a couple links. Sometimes I'm shocked at how fast a web page has shown up in Google search, periodically in the top spot.

Tons of Directories -- Which Ones Are Good Ones?

It goes without saying, that the large and established directories on the web are good places to get your business website listed. Directories like,,,, all have good reputations in Google.

Though some of these sites and other major directories may offer a way to get a free listing, it can become time consuming and tedious to try to get individual listings in each directory.

Free Listings May Not Be Available

In some directories, either they don't offer a free listing, or they have stopped offering free listings and now are charging fees.

Bonus ... Technique for Getting Your Website Listed in Dozens of Reputable Directories -- Fast

Though it does come with a small cost, the rewards for using this tactic save a lot of time and headache, and can even get you into major directories incredibly fast, reportedly faster than the traditional way of manual submissions. Since my goal is to compile a program that transforms the success for small companies and entrepreneurs everywhere, I am currently at work on a system that will be included with this program (at a reduced cost!) than what is being offered to the general public at retail rates.

In other words, I am in the midst of purchasing the rights to sell an automated submission service (offered by a major player in the industry) for getting websites listed in dozens of big name directories (even most of those listed above), with just the click of a button.

One form, one admin panel, and through, one small monthly fee.

Bonus ... Dozens of "White Hat" Links!

As a reseller, I'm told that I can charge $100 or more per month to my customers. To explain a bit more, I've seen this same automated link submission package offered through DexMedia (Dex Knows) for $125 per month currently. I offer it to you for $50 lower than DexMedia -- at a lot closer to my wholesale cost. My monthly fee for this automated service:


Check Back In the Coming Days!

I am purchasing the licenses, working with the company on the programming, and signing contracts as I write this. Otherwise, there's a good chance you're going to get a sales pitch from Dex Media in the coming months, possibly see a television commercial hyping the service for small business owners, and end up paying $50 more per month than if you get the same service through my site,

Things to Do in the Meantime

For now, the best thing to do as soon as you've launched your website, is to not delay in writing content for it, even if it's just temporary content. The sooner you get your site on the web, the sooner you give Google something to index.

Don't Make This Common Mistake

A lot of small companies and entrepreneurs whose only business may be on the web, fail to create maps listings in Google Places, Bing Places for Business, Linked-In, Facebook, etc., yet all of these sites are a fast way to get noticed by Google, especially if you list a real world physical address and phone number with each listing that matches across the web and what's on your website.

Be Sure to List Your Website Address!

And definitely be sure that your website address is also listed: Make sure it's a clickable link!

I've seen clients put up a Google Maps listing successfully and then find out that there's no website address associated with it. I've also seen that on a client's Facebook page. These were easy and simple steps for me to fix of course, but let it serve as a warning to be thorough and attentive with each major directory you get your first company listings and link listings with.

Here Are Several Directories to Start With Today

Google Places (Google will need to send a post card to the address you use to verify you are a real physical address. Be sure to watch your mail and expect this post card with a unique code on it, that you will use to verify your account.)

Bing Places for Business (Bing will do the same thing that Google does to verify your account, sending you a post card to your physical mailing address.)

Linked-In Company Page

Yelp Business Listing ($20 fee) - If you can afford $400 annually, you should strongly consider getting a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accreditation where they will create a page on their site that serves as a business listing and live link to your website. There are rules for being listed with the BBB, and one of those rules is they need to be able to legitimize your business; and plus, to have an A+ rating (and highlight a BBB badge on your website), you can't have any (or many) complaints filed against your business by the general public. - Place your business in bizjournals's B2B business directory and reach new customers searching for your product and services today.


These are just a few of the dozens of major directories on the web where it's possible to get a free (or paid for) listing for your business.

SEO Companies Take Your Money, Promise You Links, May Be Listing You On Poor Quality Directories

The link building process can be a very time consuming process.

Though there is an SEO "science" to it, and that's proven by Google's algorithms, if you build links correctly, they can factor in how high and how quickly Google starts showing your website in the search rankings.

While that's common knowledge to most people in business on the web, I'm not here to teach you the science of link building -- like I said that's common knowledge.

What I'm here to do is share with you my personal experience ranking high in Google search developed from over 17 years as a writer, copywriter, publisher, and SEO content developer, and essentially explain in detail how my personal methods can have a powerful, even fast impact on your rankings in Google search for many years to come.

Killer, Captivating Content With Several Key Details

Written just the right way... The key is content. Not just great content. But captivating, killer, expertly written content that delivers details, details, details.

If you've got your website coded to be fast loading, pleasing on the eyes, and you've hit that mark with your content (not all of your content, just the majority of it), you will most likely see your efforts pay off a lot faster than the competition. And then you may easily fly right by them one day soon after to the top of Google search rankings and then hold the number one spot for the next several years or more. I've seen it personally.

You can go from new guy on the block to suddenly showing up in search engine rankings monopolized for a long time by other publishers -- sometimes that may even mean surpassing billion dollar fortune 500 companies that have dumped more money into their SEO than you or I could make in ten years.

If You Asked Babe Ruth How to Hit a Home Run, He'd Say, It's Easy

"I may strike out a lot," says Babe Ruth, "But when I connect with the ball it's outta of the park!"

Neither you or I are likely to pick up a baseball bat, face a major league pitcher, and then hit a home run like baseball greats Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, and right on down the line.

The same thing goes for writing captivating, powerful content with impact that delivers results. I may have become an expert at that sort of writing over the years, but I want to do more than just write words on a page that are great for inspiration, but then don't do anything to deliver results.

I Want You to Get Results From This

You paid for this program and I want you to go away with something that changes your life forever. I want to give you the power to write and write well!

Are You Teachable? Are You Willing to Try What I Show You Next?

It Can Change Your Life

Step by step, in this next section, this is where I can help transform your ability (or lack of ability) to write professionally and along the way give you the tools to create powerful, captivating content for the web.

The Art of Writing

The first step I reveal to you about the art of writing may be a shocker; I am going to change your approach to writing, and make it really simple.

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