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Shh... Using LSI Keywords to Increase Your Rankings and Expand Your Reach in Google

LSI stands for "latent semantic indexing" and it reflects the fact that Google is using synonyms of keywords and or words directly related to your target keywords to show your website in an expanded number of searches.

If you've been around the block, then you've probably already heard this before. I'm going to give you the science behind it here, to give you a better understanding of how you can start implementing this right now, starting with the best ranked pages on your website that currently show up in Google.

Start With Your Highest Ranked Pages

If you already have a website, and already have pages that show up in Google search results -- START WITH THESE PAGES FIRST.

Here's Why

Google is already giving these pages some recognition and that means these pages have some kind of credibility in Google presently.

Perhaps a medium sized blog has mentioned an article one day and linked to it.

Perhaps you somehow hit a sweet spot in Google and had it in the right place on your site, at the right time, versus what the competition was doing in Google (maybe they were dropping in the rankings while you were rising).

Whatever Got You There, Expand the LSI and Reach More People

In the end, it might be exactly hard to pin down why a specific article on your site is doing well one day. We can never know for sure, not without some kind of direct data sheet detailing each of Google's algorithms, which at Google is probably considered "classified information" that only the engineers behind Google know exactly.

The rest of us can only make our best assumptions, based on our own experiences and knowledge of ranking factors that Google publishes that tell us what Google is looking for in a web site when determining how to rank it in search.

Example of LSI Keywords and Phrases

If you're building a web site that offers digital and remote home security services, you might start by doing your keyword research to find out which phrase gets the highest number of searches.

Let's say you discover that "home alarm system" is the best phrase for your home page because you find in your keyword research that it gets the highest number or searches vs similar phrases like "security system" or "home security system."

Choose a Title Based on Your Keyword Research

At that point, within the HTML of the web page, you title your page: "Home Alarm Systems"

Then, you write (or hire a professional writer to write) information that tells readers why they should consider an alarm system, what they should be looking for in an alarm system, and finally how you can sell them the best alarm system at a competitive price.

Add LSI Keywords to Your Page

Now, with that page fully written, and clearly the main topic is "home alarm systems," you now add several common similar keywords that can expand your site's reach in Google with this web page.

LSI terms like

home security system

apartment alarm system

office alarm system

garage alarm system

property security system

condo security system

Google's Increasing Intelligence Equates to "Automated" LSI Search Results

As Google increases it's intelligence, it's algorithms will even now sometimes show search results that are on the same topic of a searched for phrase, even if they don't show or have all of the same keywords or even if you haven't necessarily optimized with LSI in mind.

Automated Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

It essentially equates to automated LSI search results.

For example, you might search for "baseball gear for kids" and find a web page only optimized for "baseball equipment for children." Out of curiosity, you click on the search result... read the web page that appears... and find that the words "gear" or "kids" do not appear anywhere on that page.

Google LSI is At Work Here

Perhaps these words do occur elsewhere on the site; any number of things could be going on that could influence Google's ranking position for "baseball equipment for children"; This includes, but not limited to, what websites may have linked to this web page or site and how they're linking to it, or it may not in any way and may solely be the result of Google's increasing intelligence related to LSI when displaying search results and factoring in synonyms and or predicting a user's intention with a specific search phrase.

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