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The Problem with Copywriting -- What Problem?

You might be an expert word smith and awesome at the game of writing engaging sales copy -- but that does little for you if the ATTITUDE behind your website, and even in the words you use, makes you a person that sounds like the Ultimate Cheese Winner of the year, versus someone who actually wants to deliver a stellar product and cares about their readers or customers.

Don't Sell Snake Oil, Sell Results

LISTEN -- if you care about your readers, and you actually care about delivering a stellar product or service and you're not just another slick marketer out to make a buck from the gullible, it will show. I've seen tons of programs advertised over the years, and most of these follow a similar framework, and most of these NEVER get me to actually want to buy the information that is being sold. WHY? Because I rarely see a sincere and legitimate service in the copywriting or advertising -- what I see, hear and read is a MARKETER I DON'T TRUST -- or worse, a CORPORATE MARKETER I DON'T TRUST -- out to make a buck.

Make Your Content About Your Readers

If you set out with a goal to write and publish for your readers, with a goal to make an impact in your copy and or service, now you're on your way to copywriting success.

You Need Strategic Calls to Action

Couple that copywriting with strategic calls to action and you help "wake" people up that day to the idea that you've got a "formula" (figuratively speaking) that you've worked hard to compile -- and now you are ready to share it with the world in an effort to help others.

At the same time, it goes without saying you've got your own family to feed, so one of your goals of course should be to achieve success for yourself along the way. If you can't feed yourself, how are you going to feed others?

Share that Success with Others

In the scheme of things, I believe there's a bigger picture in all of this. Life is too fashioned and woven to be the product of evolutionary coincidental events. You and I, we have something to learn here, and I believe it's showing compassion and standing up for those people in life others look down on or couldn't care less about.

Maybe one secret to my success in Google has been a bit of God's grace along the way. Show some compassion and kindness to others, even before you've become successful, and who knows, it just might speed things up a bit for you in some divine work of providence neither you or I can fully comprehend quite yet in life.

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