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Test What's in Google, Then Choose Your Search Phrases Factoring in Keyword Data

Maybe you're a contractor and realize that a professional website will generate more leads for your local business.

Maybe you're an author and excited at the prospect of writing an ebook and using a website to help promote it to the masses.

At the point you have an idea for launching, it may be best to first do several Google searches using keywords and common phrases that are most likely to bring the audience you're looking for to your website.

With so many businesses on the web, and home based marketers, it's possible that the area of business you want to market to is heavily saturated with competition.

Cities like Seattle, Washington and San Francisco, California are filled with numerous web companies and seo agencies that have been paid lots of money over the years by major companies that are possibly already well entrenched in Google search rankings (in your industry) which stands to make it extremely hard for you to break into the higher rankings of Google in the early months of your launch.

You need to consider a different strategy ... like moving elsewhere

Like it or not, a geographical area that is saturated with other companies, including major companies with deep pockets, means you may never stand a chance against the competition, if you only have a small budget to achieve your web goals. It's still doable, but it's going to take a lot more time and effort invested into the creation and evolution of your website.

Your site is too new. Their sites have been up for several years with tens of thousands of dollars dumped into professional SEO companies that have been developing quality content and quality backlinks too numerous to count.

Odds Are High Against Strong Competition -- What To Do?

In this scenario, you face terrific odds. But if this is your field or trade, then another opportunity still exists for dominating the search engine rankings -- and that is to relocate your business to a smaller city, but one with a big enough population that you can still get the business you desire to stay busy and make your company plenty profitable.

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