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When I set up to blast the web with my faith and political views on a certain website I won't name here, I did so because of a personal injustice I felt was taking place, that the nation that I had grown up in was sliding down a slippery slope of moral decay -- communities, and families splintering because of the personal values across much of the population in recent generations. Something has to be done. Someone needs to speak up.

Dominating Several Search Rankings in Google ... By Accident

I recognized the gift God had given me to be an influencer. Without any intention of really dominating search engine rankings, it happened with a certain unnamed website, and I learned a lot about the internet and getting ranked highly in Google along the way. I didn't hire SEO experts. I didn't hire SEO consultants. I wrote, published, and sought to create a great publication and that is what led to one of my biggest websites dominating for many years many sought after search rankings.

Looking Back

Looking back, I realize that I had taken up a cause, and a lot of people felt the same way in the population, and they were and many continue to be passionate about that cause.

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