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Social Shares to Boost Trust Signals in Google - Boost Your Search Rankings

Consider this section an advanced method of boosting your site's rankings in Google Search. What makes it advanced?

Most Website Articles Fail to Get Widely Shared in Social Media

I have to personally admit. Even with careful thought and strategic sponsored posts in Google search, I have seen several articles not go anywhere. A handful of likes. A handful of shares.

I can't and don't expect that kind of Facebook reaction to help those pages rank in Google.

But Then There's the Golden Posts

But if things are done just right, I've seen sponsored posts in Facebook go viral, get tons of likes, and tons of shares, and that is a very good day when that happens.

Just like that Google is seeing a new article with a red hot response in social media, namely Facebook, and that article can show up in the search results in just days.

Not Months -- Days

I have to caution you that it's not an easy feat. You will need to be a practiced copywriter, an accomplished writer, and it helps to have an eye for a good cover photo to go with your post.

What Are Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored posts are a way for you to take a traditional Facebook post on your business page and then pay money to advertise it as a "Sponsored Post." Surely you've seen these before by now.

Most you probably ignore.

But on occasion, maybe one has stopped you in your tracks and got you to like it, share it, or click on a link or photo that takes you to a page of informative and captivating content.

That is Where the Gold is

It's not an easy feat otherwise everyone would be doing it. Consider this an advanced tactic you can pursue once you've practiced using the copywriting methods I encourage readers to apply in their publications.

As a refresher, go back and read:

Using Powerful Marketing Buzzwords and Hook Phrases

Exceeding the Average Word Count: Going Above and Beyond

A Captivating Article for a Hungry Audience

The gold with Facebook's sponsored posts is that you can write an article -- a captivating and powerful article -- for an audience hungry for the content.

At this point, you are going to be required to think closely about who your audience is, and what kind of content they are hungry to read.

Quality is King -- Sincerity is Required

The unfortunate thing is that most of you reading this, including I, are going to have a hard time writing this kind of content unless we can emphasize and relate to just what it is that people want to know and read.

I have written several articles along these lines where my goal was to write an informative article, and so all that came out of me was true sincerity. Because I was sincere. I do emphasize. I write for my readers. I write to make an impact.

It's Time to Dig Deep

Good luck learning this kind of thing in a college class on marketing. It's something you have to look within yourself and find if the topic doesn't come naturally. I have done amazingly well tackling topics that I know and take to heart. It's not a canned or fictitious marketing effort. It's for real. And that has helped me land some awesome rankings in Google search and even after several years have passed and I scratch my head because I'm still in the top or #1 rankings, I have to say it is a powerful tactic for landing and then holding long term rankings in Google Search.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Perhaps a bit of God's grace goes along way at the same time. But of course, to each their own.

Be Sure to Include Social Share Buttons

Website's such as provide a free service to website owners to create a free account and then offer social sharing buttons for each page of a web site, or make that every key article you'd like your readers to share. Get it coded into your web pages asap! Remember, the more activity that Google sees of your web site and specific articles getting shared across the web, the more trust signals your site sends, and the more presence your site can be rewarded in Google search.
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