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Powerful Marketing Buzzwords and Hook Phrases

All day long the human brain ignores 99.9% or more of the world around it. We are conditioned to ignore most of what is going on in the background of our lives. We only notice things that catch our attention.

On the web, you only have a split-second of time to catch a person's attention. When a person is surfing the web from a home computer, tablet, ipad, or smart phone, typically a person is in "look" mode. They are actively looking for things that catch their attention while simultaneously attempting to ignore everything that doesn't pertain to them.


Colors, layout, and words can have an immediate impact. It's at the split-second point of impact that you have captured a person's attention.

Now, will you keep that attention? Or will you lose that attention?


On the web, this is how a powerful or intriguing headline can "suck" a person into a website. It works like this:


(grabs their attention)

Sub headline

(builds on that initial attention captured by the headline by creating suspense and tantalizing the reader with the idea of a reward … subconsciously, the reader believes that something exciting awaits in the text further down the page)

Opening paragraph

(this is where having great writing can keep your site visitors reading text, links, and ads on your website, and BOOM -- just like that your website is GETTING POINTS IN GOOGLE. You see, Google knows that a person just clicked on your link in the organic search results, and Google can tell when a site visitor doesn't hit the back button a few seconds later, that that person must have found the content they were searching for. Does that make sense?

Pay attention: If your web page keeps people reading (essentially, actively engaged with the page, or filling out forms, or following links at the bottom of an article) and they are reading your web pages longer than the competition's web pages, then you are going to get more credibility from Google, and your site stands to raise higher in the rankings.

As a figure of speech, I call this "earning points with Google." Keep in mind that Google's backend algorithms that rank websites in search results are constantly changing, and constantly changing factors that sometimes have to do with external links, page speed, etc. etc., but one SECRET that has helped me achieve high, long lasting rankings in the # 1 spot on Google (for other websites I either publish or have marketed for other companies), is the quality of my content. By making it a goal to deliver top notch, well-researched and exceptional writing, the NATURAL COURSE of action in time on Google has been higher and higher search engine rankings as Google seeks to deliver top notch search results.

Beware of Link Schemes and Black Hat Marketing

I am not a promoter or believer in in depth cross-linking schemes hyped by "black hat" marketers. I have found that a handful of quality links pointing to an article, and website's home page, are typically all that is needed WHEN I HAVE FOCUSED ON CREATING KILLER CONTENT. That is good news for a new work at home entrepreneur hoping to build and launch a business on the web! Further in this program, I will explain to you in detail the EASY WAYS to get the right kind of links that Google likes, and considers "White Hat."

Definition: "Black Hat" refers to shady tactics used by link marketers to attempt to influence the search results; though "black hat" tactics could work well in the early years of the internet, Google has gotten extremely smart with how their algorithms index and measure the internet and can commonly spot these tactics as they're happening. End result: Your website is penalized and even kicked out of Google for black hat tactics. Lesson learned: Black hat marketing is a bad course of action.


HINT: Want to get listed even faster in Google? If you have, for example, a physical Oregon address (or Iowa, or Maine, or another U.S. state), you can create a Google Maps listing for your business, specifically for your city. Google Maps displays local businesses first above organic businesses, when Google interprets a search phrase as being locally geographic in nature. For example, talking about "stock tips," your address could be:

2711 33rd Ave W., Anytown, USA 52201

Please note that to use an address for Google Maps, it should be an actual address that is either a physical business or your home. Once you've created your listing, Google will need to verify that the address is legitimate, and will typically mail a postcard with a unique code that you will need to confirm your mailing address.

Here's Your First Step to SEO Success

1. Register your business on Google Maps: … Does this come with some risk? Sure it does. If you ever rip someone off, or make someone angry in the process of operating your business, a Google Maps listing tells this person where they can find you. RELAX: If you practice honest, kind, humble, and sincere business practices, you most likely have nothing to worry about! You're probably more likely to be struck by lightning than have a gun-toting mob boss show up one day and chase you out of town because he found your business address on Google. Tens of thousands of businesses are listed in Google Maps, including many businesses that professional contractors run right from their homes.

With all that said, Click on the link in the paragraph above to register your business right now on Google Maps. If you're not sure where to go (link menus change periodically in Google), you can also access an FAQ page at: that will explain how to "add or edit" a business listing in Google Maps.


Less competitive rankings for search phrases are easier to score higher search rankings than more heavily competed search phrases. For example, "stock tips" has a lot more competition from big companies than "new investor stock tips for kids."

If you're a work at home type or just a small time web developer and marketer, you will have a hard time ever breaking into the top 5 of Google organic search for "stock tips."

But if you set your focus on less searched for long keyword phrases, like "new investor stock tips for kids," now you have the opportunity to get that web page ranked highly in a short period of time, as well as dozens of other long keyword phrases.

One of my websites gets thousands of people a day from organic search. It is an information based site and rich with unique content, with hundreds of long keyword phrases used throughout the site that all add together to bring thousands of people each day to the website from Google search.

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