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Shh... Niche it Out To Boost Your Google Rankings

On the previous page, we discussed a fictional website on the topic of "home alarm systems" and then broke down a handful of LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords that are related to this phrase. "Home security system" of course is an obvious LSI search phrase.

But There's Too Much Big Competition for that Search Ranking

After studying what's currently in Google, you find that several major companies in the home alarm industry currently dominate the top 10 Google search engine rankings, including The Home Depot in the #1 spot, meaning that it could take a long time and a lot of patient, methodical SEO work on your website to ever break into the top 5. Plus, with all it's recognition, and who knows how many corporate dollars being pumped into SEO behind the scenes, you may never take that top spot from The Home Depot.

You Can Still Be Successful ... Come In Under the Radar

While the people working behind the scenes at The Home Depot may be targeting short, specific, common search rankings, they may be omitting the concept of niche searches directly related to searches like "home alarm system."

With that in Mind, You Target a Niche

First, you do some keyword research, and determine that there's not much competition for several "long tail keyword phrases" that you have in mind. Congratulations, you may have an easy time getting ranked quickly. But hurry -- someone else might be working on that niche content as you read this with the same Google strategy in mind.

Developing Your Niche Related to "Home Alarm Systems"

To go with our fictional example, you develop your website around the phrase "installation" as it pertains to "home alarm systems" and even use that in your domain name. Your final domain name comes out to be ""

While the major corporations in your field are dominating the searches for "home alarm system", you sneak in under the radar, and proceed to get your site ranked for:

"install home alarm"

"install security for home"

"security installation home alarm system"

"professional install home security"

"safest installers for home alarms"

Unexpected Result: Highly Qualified Buyers Find Your Website -- and Buy Immediately

While searches for "home alarm systems" might bring a large number of people looking for information, niche searches for phrases like "professional installation home security" or "install home alarm" may bring you people more likely to be in the "purchase" phase. When they land on your website, this is where the copywriting can grab their attention, feed them with assurances and feelings of reward, and then call them to action.

End Result? #1 Rankings in Google and Steady to Hot Sales

You may end up with a lot less traffic than the big wigs are getting for "home alarm system", but the traffic you do get may convert several times higher.

Congratulations -- by targeting a niche (and you can target dozens or even hundreds of niche phrases depending on your web site's subject matter), you have come in under the radar and are now being found for several related searches, all long tail keyword phrases, that are suddenly making you money, and putting your website on a fast path of success.

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