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Shh... Leave the Big City and Go to the Suburbs for Landing a Top Ranking in Google

Let's say you live in Boston. Let's say you're a highly experienced home remodeler. Obviously, if you're only now getting going on the web with your business, you face heavy competition from companies already high in Google. You may never live to see a top ranking. So, at this point, you look at a map at cities within 30 miles, research the competition as well as everything else that goes with relocating a business, and you finally choose a city you are willing to commute to and possibly one day soon move your family to.

Shh... Leave the Big City and Go to the Suburbs

Leaving Boston behind you, you open a physical business in a distant suburb and get a local Google maps listing. With a lot less competition, you develop your website (using several tactics hopefully you are learning from and soon enough you are now #1 at the top of Google organic search results, and you also have a lot less competition in Google Maps listings.

Success Can Follow Strategic Relocation

Congratulations. Within the first year of strategic relocation, you are successful. Please send an email and let us know! I would be honored to receive a testimonial about your success and happy to feature your business in an upcoming article, potentially sending you more business and giving you a quality backlink for Google to index one day soon.

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