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Exceeding the Average Word Count: Going Above and Beyond With Your Content

One of the techniques I've developed over the years -- and had amazing success with -- is that in the vast majority of articles that I have seen rank # 1 in Google (that I have written over the years) and then hold those # 1 rankings for several years at a time, was because of the detail and depth that I have gone into within those articles. We're talking 3,000 to 5,000 and as high as 10,000+ word articles in some cases.

What Makes A Great Article to Rank # 1 in Google?

What makes a great article for readers is something that truly teaches, instructs, or informs -- not something that just paints a broad picture and is obviously only written in an effort to rank for one of many search phrases in Google. Not much depth. Several cliches. Nothing spectacular accomplished.

That's just another article to add to the millions of crap articles on the internet that never hit a top ranking in Google.

Aim for Tons of Great Information and Expert Writing

What makes a great article is one with tons of good information, links to reputable resources for further reading, and as mentioned early in this guide, actively engages the reader, KEEPING THEIR ATTENTION all the way through the article. It is an expertly written article.

Unfortunately, that kind of writing takes a lot of practice; a bit of natural talent can go along way. For the rest of us, it's a skill developed from years of writing, and actively trying to hit a homerun with every article.

Killer title.

Killer content.

Great writing.

Unique details not known by the average reader ... that way the average reader is learning several new things along the way. You have done your research and know what you're talking about -- and it shows.

By the time the reader has completed the article, on that day and in that moment you have IMPACTED his or her life.

Great Articles Can Make You A Social Media Star

Pay special attention here! That kind of writing can get you tens of thousands of shares on social media, and that is a second way, and powerful way, where you can get tons of great recognition from Google and ultimately take a number one spot in Google rankings and then hold that spot for several years or more.

Set Big Goals With Every Piece You Publish!

Set a big goal with your content. Tackle a topic that requires you to do a great deal of research (or hire a professional to do that research for you) so that you are an expert when you write the article.

Of course, whether you're an expert or not doesn't matter in the end; what does matter is that you have done your research, and you have cross checked as much as you can, so that by the time you are done with your piece it is golden all the way through.

For that topic you have tackled, you are setting a high bar, and most competition in your field will simply be detoured at trying to outdo your writing.

But You're Not a Writer?

As long as you've got some money to spend, and can budget it, be ready to drop $200 - $400 into an amazing piece written by a professional writer (just for you -- you are purchasing the full rights to the article). And that writer needs to be good at what they say they are good at.

Sometimes You Have to Aim High -- Really High

Pay close attention here: Most of the content that you need to hit a homerun in Google may only cost you about $50 per piece. Sometimes though there may be an incredible amount of competition for a certain keyword or phrase, and in that instance that's when you need to be ready to sit down and write something that out shine's the competition's content in the search rankings -- or you may need to seriously invest lots of time and hundreds of dollars into finding a superstar writer than can create this content for you.

Beware Academic Writing

While there are many "academic writers" in the world, who can fill books with extensive data (and bore you to death along the way), that is not what you are looking for. You need a writer that can write for the reader -- a writer with a crisp, clean, and engaging style that may sometimes combine a bit of humor with a bit of shock factor to not only keep people reading, but to build suspense along the way.

Let's See Some Proof

Before you settle on a professional writer for hire, look for proof that their writing has impact. Ask to see where their articles rank in search. Take the time to read a few -- ask to only see their best works and let them know that is what you are willing to pay for -- their best effort only. Can they give it? How much do they want for it?

Be prepared to pay a professional writer a couple hundred bucks or more for an engaging 5,000 word article with tons of well researched detail, plenty of subheadlines, a great cover photo, and possibly some good complimentary photos along the way within the article. In my experience, I have only needed one cover photo to score high rankings in Google with articles that have held those places for several years at a time. Thanks be to God my friends.

Once You Find That Writer -- He or She is Your Golden Goose

If that article is golden, now you know that writer can WRITE, and it's time to tackle some more challenging topics -- each of which needs to be packed with details, good links, and great writing that keeps the reader engaged.

You are on your way to outstanding and long time search engine success.

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