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Compressing Images for a Lightning Fast Web Site

Jpeg, Png, and Gif Image Compression For Faster Web Page Load Times

With 50% or more of your site's visitors coming from mobile phones today, that beautiful photo you want to use at the top of the page may not load in time without image compression first to help drastically speed up the time of your web page loading on mobile phones.

Image Compression Helps an Image Load Fast

Image compression uses a technology that in essence makes a .jpeg, .png, or .gif image smaller in bytes, without changing the original height or width (unless you opt for that, which, actually might be called for if the photo or image you are using is really large).

Careful -- There Can Be a Downside

The downside of image compression is that you can lose image quality. So, the more compression you choose, the more quality you lose. You will have to experiment with different compression settings and optimally you'll use a "preview" tool that gives you a chance to try a different compression before saving. (Always be sure to keep the original file in a seperate folder so that you always have a copy of the best image quality for future projects).

If you carefully apply image compression to every image or photo on each page of your website, you can help ensure that each page loads much faster on mobile phones, which, as discussed in detail in other sections within, is an important factor in helping your website achieve and hold a number one ranking in Google.

Popular, Free Sites Offering Online Image Compression

Remember - Fast Loading Web Pages Alone Aren't Enough

As I've said in detail within, fast loading web pages alone won't get you a top spot in Google. You have to hit several other key points which are detailed in this program.

Key points like: Killer copywriting, killer content, in depth and truly informative details; everything throughout your website should be expertly written and edited.

Image Compression Equates to Faster Loading Web Pages ...

Faster Loading Web Pages, Coupled With Killer Content Typically Equates to Top Rankings in Google

If you hit all these points, and you get those "white hat" links in major web directories, you are on your way to success in Google that grows every single month and year you continue to publish to your website.

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