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Buying the Right Advertising to Achieve Higher Google Rankings

This technique is not easy to do the first time around (unless you have a stroke of luck that first day) and it essentially boils down to searching out 1-2 medium sized online magazines related directly to your industry or chief topic, and that have great rankings in Google. You're looking for professional and informative websites with a large amount of content and that have been around for several years on the web.

Be careful about how big or how corporate some websites appear -- they are likely to want huge amounts of money for advertising. Unless you have that kind of money to spend, you're going to have to hunt far and wide for the smaller companies that do not charge much at all to advertise, perhaps a couple hundred dollars monthly.

As far as search engine optimization is considered, this tactic I recommend is said to come with some risk. You see, the ads I recommend people buy, based on personal experience, will appear on several pages of a website, with one link pointing to your home page. Is this considered link spam? Well, if the ad was a text keyword link -- then yes, this could be seen as link spam.

But here's the trick ...

Don't purchase a text keyword link ad. What you're looking for is an image ad, perhaps 300 pixel width by 250 pixel height that uses a hard text link that points to your site.

Note, a hard text link is a link that uses rather than a long javascript code. If a third party site you advertise on uses a long javascript code, Google may possibly never recognize the link (that just depends on Google's sophistication and ability to understand that particular javascript) and you may never get any recognition for those ads.

This is controversial ...

You see, this could be considered "spammy" links. The issue though is that these are actual ads you are buying. So, in my experience, it seems that Google is giving some website advertisers (those I've worked with first hand to do this) the benefit of the doubt.

Google is permitting these sites to advertise with hard text links and not penalizing them for doing so. That is, in my opinion, the right thing to do. You see, small companies and new sites need to be able to purchase advertising somewhere.

To summarize this, currently, in my experience, it appears that Google views these image ads favorably. They are not keyword text ads that may otherwise be considered "link spam." No, instead these are traditional banner ads / image ads, and at least for now, they can help a website get a high ranking in Google (from what I have seen personally).

If I find that changes in the coming months, I will update this page immediately!

What Should You Consider Here?

Search far and wide for professional, reputable medium sized publications that are non-corporate (so not expensive) and that have high rankings in Google in their industry or topics they cover. That is a good site, with good Google indexing, and your image ads on several pages of that site can be a way to get fast recognition with Google.

Note: This may be the first time you've ever heard this anywhere. I haven't read this tip anywhere online. It is data I have gathered on my own based on personal experiences and work with other advertisers I have helped promote. So, between you and I and hopefully my other readers here, let's keep this technique to ourselves, so that Google does not suddenly change the way it views these image ads on reputable websites.

Unfortunately, sometimes it only takes "one bad apple" to spoil a good thing for the rest of us. For now, that bad apple hasn't struck yet. Thank God. That is good news for small and new companies trying to break into the game of Google ranking!

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